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QR Memorials LLC was established in 2011 to explore the use of QR code technologies to enrich your memories of deceased loved ones, and to improve your understanding of historical sites and markers. QRMemorials specializes in placing a special plaque on headstones and other memorials. This plaque has a special symbol engraved in it, called a QR code.

QRMemorials qrcode family memorial headstone qr codes scan

Similar to a barcode, we see them being used to label all kinds of things, and their use will continue to increase. This special symbol can be read by a smart-phone, and the information that is read is used to retrieve additional information from a website on the Internet. This allows for a much richer experience in memorializing the departed, or better explaining the memorial of a historical building, etc.

qrmemorials qrcode headstone memorial scan qr codes funeral cemetery

Through the use of these new technologies, QR Memorials strives to provide value to individuals, families, and business. Each customer segment deserves our best attention in helping them to enrich the memorials and monuments that they have erected. This web site is primarily directed toward the individual and family, by providing inexpensive plaques and corresponding web services that will primarily be used to enrich the memories of loved ones. In addition, QR Memorials partners with memorial businesses to increase the value of their own product offerings. Contact us today, to see how QR Memorials can add value to your personal or professional endeavors.

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