New Stainless Steel QR Code Plaque Memorial

To visit a memorial directly enter the memorial number here:


Does the fee for the QR Memorial Plaque include the website space for the memorial or is there an annual fee for space?

There is only a one-time fee for your QR Memorial Plaque Package. It comes with a life-time subscription to the memorial service. Our objective is to create a one-time cost instead of a monthly subscription. We want to allow people to tell their family member’s life story and view their loved one’s information without the hassle of paying every month. Like our motto, QR Memorials is about “preserving memories through our QR Codes”, not about collecting a monthly fee.

How do I start managing my site?

Once you receive your plaque, you should go to the website and register a username and password for your use. Once this has been completed, and you have successfully logged in with that username, then you can register the plaque number, and associate it with your username. When this is completed, then you will be provided functions to enter text, upload pictures, etc. to customize the site for your loved one.

How long does it take to get my loved ones QR Memorial setup?

After you have registered your plaque, and uploaded text and images, the website is immediately available for display.

Who do I contact for questions?

If you have questions concerning the support of your website, or need assistance in using the website management tools, please direct your questions to: If you have not received your plaque after a reasonable period since you received the order fulfilled email, please direct your questions to:

How is the QR Memorial plaque affixed to the headstone?

QR Memorials provides double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the plaque, that will firmly affix the plaque to the headstone. Make sure that the location is very clean and dry. You can enhance the resilience to moisture by surrounding the plaque with a thin layer of clear silicone caulking. You may also choose to remove the adhesive tape, and utilize a water-proof epoxy cement for a strong adhesion. QR Memorials suggest that you also utilize silicone caulking, if you choose to affix the plaque with epoxy cement.

What if the headstone is a dual monument, for both husband and wife?

One option is to customize the memorial so that it recognizes both husband and wife together. The photos, video, and audio, as well as the text, can be crafted so that it functions as a joint memorial. Another option would be to purchase a QR Plaque and Activation for each person, mounting both plaques on the monument. A third option would be to craft a joint memorial as described earlier, but then links to individual memorials could be imbedded in the joint memorial. The additional memorials can be purchased, without plaques, for a discounted price.

Can you affix the QR Memorial to any type of headstone?

QR Memorials provide a double-sided weatherproof adhesive tape, that is affixed to the back of the QR Plaque. It can be mounted on almost any smooth surface, as long as it is clean and dry, when the plaque is attached to it. The adhesive is very strong, and could possibly damage the surface that it is attached to, if it needs to be removed. Thus, we suggest that you attach it to the surrounding cement, rather than the actual granite monument. We also suggest that you surround the plaque with a small bead of clear silicone sealant, for an extra measure of protection against the possibility of water seeping under the plaque and compromising the adhesive. We are confident that with careful measures, the plaque will remain affixed to the monument for many years.

Besides headstones what other places can a QR Memorial plaque be placed on?

The plaque could be placed on any object that you wish to provide an easy link to a website through the QR code technology. An example would be a historical building. The plaque could be mounted at the entrance so that visitors could scan the QR code and receive additional information about the historical facts and photos of the building’s past.

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