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How QR memorials works for qr code. Memorialize your headstone and link physical memorial to memorial website. QR Memorials Allows you to Scan a qrcode, and it helps you to remember your loved one by adding photos, videos, audio, and your most precious memories of your loved one. Try QR Memorials today. This will work great for funerals, and memorializing your loved ones.

The central feature that makes QR Memorials work is the Quick Response (QR) code. This symbol can be read by a special program on your smartphone which extracts a web reference (URL) from the encoded black and white squares and then displays this web page in your phone’s browser. You can search for “QR Reader” in the iOS App Store or Android Market to easily find any number of programs that scan qrcodes

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To harness the power of QR codes, QR Memorials laser-engraves a unique code on a stainless steel plaque that can be attached to a headstone or other memorial of your departed loved ones.

The encoded URL inside the engraved QR code refers to a special web site that you automatically construct through our web application. First, you create a login ID, and register the unique number on the plaque. QR Memorials will then provide you tools to create text, upload images, and type in references to online video, etc. so that you can augment your physical memorial with an electronic one. By using our application, there is no need for special web development skills, to create a compelling memorial to highlight the life of your loved one.

QRMemorials QR code Plack
QRMemorials QR Plack Headstone

Our QR Plaques can refer to flexible destinations. You can point your QR Plaque to,, or any other memorial website of your choice and the plaque destination can be changed to a new location at any time. Many sites are available on the web for your use at low or no cost. For those that don’t have an online memorial, we offer a mobile-optimized website and companion administration tool to create your own customized QR memorial.

The QR plaque has special adhesive on its reverse side so that it can be attached to the memorial stone. With careful application and choice of location, this plaque will remain attached through all weather conditions, cemetery maintenance, and time. We suggest mounting it on the surrounding concrete so that you don’t risk damaging the granite of the memorial stone. Yet it can still help visitors easily find this special enhancement to your loved one’s memorial.

QRMemorials QR Plack Headstone

View a Sample Memorial Site

The following web URL is encoded in the QR code of the plaque shown above. Click on the following link to view the web page that the plaque references.

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